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Jun 10, 2016

Electric VS Manual Roller Shutters: Complete Comparison

Having the manual roller shutter for your home is always a good choice for ensuring the safety at a budget cost. However, since they are manual, you have to put the upside part down every time you want to close. Sometimes, if you ask someone which are not tall enough, they can’t even reach it. That is why another choice of electric roller shutter available

However, some people still prefer to look for the manual one. Besides having the bargain price, this model need only small maintenance. It is easy to maintain its durability and pretty much easier to get. Above that all, there are tons of comparison you need to know before purchasing one of them.

  1. Electric Roller Shutter – In Detail

The motorized roller shutter equipped small motor inside to open and close the shutter from the remote control. The remote control or attached panel will give the signal each time you want to open or close the aluminum cover. It is easier to use than manual one.

According to some users, this electric stuff will not drain your power supply. It only needs a few Watt to activate the open/close function. Even, some of the newest electric shutter installed with solar panel. This way you can save the energy while still enjoying the great advantage.

All things you can get from this shutter is the ease of use. It is also easy to maintain if the shutters use nice spare parts. Unfortunately, the installation will cost you more time than manual product. Furthermore, it costs you more on installation since there are some additional components needed.

  1. Manual Roller Shutter – In Detail

The manual product has its awesomeness as well. In fact, some new buyers prefer to spend their dollars more to this type. Besides it is easy to install, it costs you less for time and money. It is more likely suitable for private home use.

The manual roller shutter uses manual roller fitted on the top. The roller is designed for your ease to open and close easily. Usually, the company has added additional oil to ensure its flexibility of movement. Sometimes the mechnaisms in shutters break down. If this happens you will need to make sure that the roller shutter company offers repair work. Look for a company in Melbourne Victoria that does roller shutters repairs. In melbourne with the windy climate its not uncommon for these shutters to experience malfunctions or damage.

Essential thing you should keep in mind here is the manual one let you open and close the aluminum or metal cover each day. Sometimes you also need to adjust manually in what level the roller shutter will stop moving up when it has opened. Another bad news is, the maintenance you can perform here is typically harder than having the electric one.

Since it is manual, you need to check the roller movement, adding oils, etc. The manual fixing like this may cost you more time. Therefore, you will really need to look at the given instruction in buying package.


Whatever your choice is, the important thing is to keep your home/ store in better security. You must understand what you really need. If you want to put the roller shutter on a relatively small surface, you should go with manual roller shutter.

On the other hand, in order to achieve the maximum ease of use, you definitely need to go with electric product. It is completely easy to maintain, and can be done easily with helps from installation staff. It is mostly suitable for those who wants to protect their store and big garage.