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Aug 22, 2016

Massage Specials- Choosing the Right Massage for Yourself

Getting a massage done is one of the most relaxing experiences ever. It helps relieve pain and is a great way to become stress free. However most people aren’t really sure about the kind of massage they should go for.

The basic aim of a massage is to give you complete relaxation. However, there are various kinds of massage specials. Following are a few you could try at a spa in Melbourne, Australia.

Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is characterized by long and gentle strokes. It is utterly relaxing and completely gentle. You can expect a languorous time and stress relief from the massage therapist’s soft touch. This is an ideal massage, especially if it’s your first time at a spa.

Hot Stone Massages

As the name suggests, these massage compromises of strategically placing smooth warm stones on specific parts of your body. These parts of the body are known as energy centers. Something which blocks your energy center might cause pain and discomfort in the body. Therefore placing hot stones can actually open the blockage and provide relief.

This massage is ideal for people who suffer pain in specific parts of the body. Its gentle and very relaxing.

Aroma therapy Massage

A massage with aromatherapy generally involves the use of essential oils, like peppermint and rosemary. Some masseuses make use of a concoction of different herbs like lavender and thyme to provide instant respite from pain and stress. This kind of massage is ideal for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders or depression.

Shiatsu Massage

A shiatsu massage is essentially a Japanese technique. It makes use of finger pressure to loosen the tightened muscles of the acupuncture meridians. These different acupuncture points are pressured and held for a minute or two to increase the flow of good energy and get rid of negative energy. A shiatsu massage is not painful. In fact people find it helps slacken tight muscles easily.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage may not be a pleasant experience for some. It makes use of extra pressure on certain painful points of the body. However it works well for individuals who suffer from chronic pain in one or more parts of their body. Most people may complain that they feel a bit sore after a deep tissue massage but it actually helps bring relief from chronic pain.

Thai Massage

A Thai massage is more interactive than the other forms of massages mentioned above. You just don’t feel the consistent strokes of the masseuse but are helped to sit in a variety of postures which can involve a great deal of stretching. Thai massage is extremely energizing and you feel completely refreshed after a session.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is much more than a gentle foot massage. Though the masseuse may be concentrating on your feet but the pressure which they exert on certain points of your feet bring relief to other parts of the body as well. A good foot massage can actually help improve the pain in your neck and shoulders by simply pressing the correct pressure points in your feet.

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